Jillian Curran, MTV Insights

Saw this on the streets of Bushwick - seems like a witty way for people to connect in real life. With so many Millennials connecting digitally, maybe they just need to reach out and touch a stranger?


Jillian Curran,  MTV Insights

Silent Dance parties are taking off on college campuses and at festivals all around the country. Let me break it down…From the outside, it’s just a bunch of weirdos dancing in pure silence. But from the inside, it’s the best dance party you’ll ever go to. It was amazing to see the skeptical crowds make their way into the party, initiated with headphones into a experience that was both individual and collective at the same time. 

#Insightagram: A New Religion?

Jillian Curran,  MTV Insights

On Monday nights, young people flock to Union Pool, a local Brooklyn bar - not to listen to a new indie band or DJ, but to this man, The Rev and his Love Choir. Reverend Vince Anderson started the Church of the Holy Unruly Spirit of God in Christ in 2007, preaching what he calls “Dirty Gospel,” a mix of music, life lessons and an amazing way to spend a night out. Could this how Millennials will get their dose of spirituality?