Dear MTV: I Think I’m Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

Junene Taylor, MTV Inner Circle / Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Millennials like you and I have a bit of a problem on our hands. Because of our misfortune in having graduated during this economic climate, many of us are “on pause” from chasing the American Dream. Instead we are chilling in our parent’s basement waiting for our Dream to re-emerge and knock on the door. Preferably with pizza. But once we realize that this isn’t happening anytime soon, the ¼ life crisis can set in.
How do you know for sure that you’re caught in the vortex of a QLC? Here’s the checklist:

1. You repeatedly doodle on coasters “Why oh why didn’t I invent Pinterest?” 

2. You change your major between 3 and 6 times.

3. You are jealous of how popular your cat is with all the other cats, and want her “social life”.

4. You spend a whole Wednesday creeping on the Facebook walls of a friend you haven’t seen since kindergarten.

5. You self-pierce your nose (on a whim).

6. You break out in a cold sweat every time you see the sweet girl with the 4.0 and Ryan Gosling look-alike boyfriend.

7. You genuinely wish you could participate in the Hunger Games.

8. You genuinely wish you were a vampire