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Trending Slang: Millennials share their choice slang words of the moment

Every year, we take our annual look into Millennial slang to see what language is really sticking with our audience. More recently we updated our research to bring you the biggest and/or breakout slang of the past couple months. The word cloud above represents what 200 Millennials aged 14-24 from across the country said were the words they and their friends have been using the most.

What we learned:

-   “Swag” and “YOLO” are back and surprisingly big; they seemed to have gotten overused in 2013 but then later showed resurgence due to their versatility. We see Millennials using the words both sincerely and ironically.

- “Ratchet” has had some serious staying power over the past year especially amongst teen girls, despite increased dialogue around cultural appropriation

-  The movie Mean Girls mistakenly claimed that “Fetch” would never happen.

Breakout Slang:

-   Bae: your significant other; stands for “before anyone else”

-   Thot: stands for “that ho over there”

-   Basic: used to describe a person or activity that is too obvious or vapid

-   Turn up: getting wild, most likely drunk or high

-   Slay: to succeed in something; similar to “killing it”

And while they’re not included in the above word cloud, these phrases are also gaining traction:

-  (Throwing) Shade: dissing someone or casually disrespecting them; this is an older slang phrase that has had a recent resurgence

-  Slide into the DMs: when you take flirting with someone on Twitter to the next level by smoothly moving the conversation from the public to private messages.

"What’d You Say?": A Quick Dip into Millennial Slang

By Jillian Curran, MTV Insights

After spending countless hours on social media and talking to Millennials themselves, it’s impossible not to notice the rapid evolution of youth slang and how closely it is tied to the heartbeat of the generation. Here are a few emerging trends that speak to how they define what popular is today, living in the moment and their fratty sense of humor.

The Chill Hustle: We noticed two sets of words emerging simultaneously that describe the perfect combination of cool.  One set comprised of words like, “chilla”, “chillax,” “straight chilla” and at the same time words like “hustle”, “on my grind”, “Boss” were popping. Put those two together and you get “the chill hustle”. These words describe someone who is motivated, successful, has their hands in a million things but can still have a good time. They make success look easy.  For Millennials who thrive on being self-made, these words pop up in tweets and everyday speak to show how hard they are working and their jack-of-all-trades ambition. At the same time, they want to show they are cool, calm and collected and look damn good while their making moves.  As one intern Jaclyn told us, “I have so much going on, but you always want to look chill. The worst thing in the world is to be called stressed!”

YOLO (you only live once) popularized by Drake’s song “The Motto” was a huge hit among Millennials. At first we saw people declaring this as their generational anthem, some tattooing it on their wrists or hashtagging it on every tweet; YOLO felt like it encapsulated Milennials’ care-free attitude and drive to live it up. But with anything, the oversaturation of YOLO has spurred an equally popular backlash. People have used YOLO to call out insignificant events or poke fun at people who are acting ridiculous.  Either way, YOLO’s moment in time shows this generation’s desire to experience everything before age 30 and waste no time or opportunity.

Cool Story, Bro: We’ve seen a new kind of Frat Bro humor emerging, used to call out anyone that is acting dumb or foolish; mocking college frat culture.  If past generation’s humor was more cynical or snarky, this generation is ruled by an undercutting wit, like a smart slap. Cool story, bro is a quick response to call out a friend and get the upper hand on the joke.  Cool story, bro. The best part was when you stopped talking

Other variations of this lingo are:

o   Soft : “Yo bro, You’re eating a pinkberry? Stop being so soft.”

o   That’s so Frat: “Yo, is that dip spit on my sperries?  #thatsofrat”

o   She can get it:  Guys have this faux-cockiness, so instead of saying “I’m into this chick”, it’s “Yo bro, Jenn can get it.” It’s like I’m so awesome, she can get with me!

In addition to some trends, here’s a quick list of random and awesomely funny youth speak.  Who knows, some of these could show up in the next installment of Webster’s Dictionary.

  • N.A.R.P (Not a Real Person): “Snooki is such a NARP
  • #Boom:  Used after a good comment or joke, an extra exclamation. “ Making things happen today. #BOOM
  • Wifed- Up: You’re guy friend hangs out with his lady too much. “ Kevin can’t hang out tonight, he’s wifed’ up”
  • Getting Swole: For those who spend too much time in the gym. Short for swollen. “Yo Bro, you’re so swole!
  • White Girl Wasted: For those who have a little too much to drink. “ Damn, I got so white girl wasted last night.”
  • Selfie: Turn your camera around and take a pic, you got yourself a selfie. Some of our panelists have told us they will send selfies to their friends if they have nothing else to talk about.
  • Mupload: Mobile Upload